10 Life-Changing Mindsets to Live By

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The 10 Mindsets of Highly Productive People
by Thanh Pham (@thanhtpham) 

Key Takeaway: The most powerful productivity tool isn’t your calendar, smartphone or assistant. It’s actually the mindset you bring to work. Doing work on the back of powerful internal principles boosts your efficiency.

Tips & Tricks:

Mindset 1: Work on what’s inside first. These are your thoughts, mindsets and views on work and life. Understand the principles of why and how to work well. Then transfer these principles to your work.

Mindset 2: Control your life. The more you feel like you are in control of your life, the happier you are.

Mindset 3: Take full responsibility for your life. How you manage yourself and your time is your responsibility. While you often cannot influence external forces, you can control your focus and concentration on important tasks.

Mindset 4: Find your motivation. It may be a goal, a creative passion, or a personal dream. Whatever it is, figure it out so you can easily focus on what’s important for you.

Mindset 5: Be clear on your goals. What do you want and where you are headed? Know your destination and your starting point; this clarity will enable you to prioritize what you need to do.

Mindset 6: Build good habits. It makes you more efficient and makes life that much easier. Make your habits align with your goals.

Mindset 7: Streamline your schedule. Just as good habits make you efficient, bottlenecks and roadblocks reduce your efficiency and waste time and energy. Learn to say no more often and remove distractions.

Mindset 8: Manage yourself by understanding your body. Knowing the time of day you are most productive, your optimal sleeping patterns and your best methods for regaining energy will go a long way toward helping you become more efficient.

Mindset 9: Build your ideal ecosystem. Your living and working environments can either hinder or assist your progress toward your goals. Optimize your location, relationships, and technology.

Mindset 10: Keep improving. Seek out mentors and new knowledge. Learn from new experiences. Look for new mindsets, mental models and productive networks.

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