19 Ways To Boost Productivity, Backed By Science

There are many small factors that influence productivity, from your work environment to your break habits. Here’s a summary of productivity improvement factors that are backed by science.

19 Science-Backed Hacks to Improve Productivity [Infographic]
by Reuben Yonatan (@reubenyonatan)

Tips & Tricks:

  1. Avoid white walls to reduce errors. Research has found that people make more errors when working in white rooms.
  2. Keep the room at a 25°C (77°F) to work faster.
  3. Add natural light. Workers with office windows perform better.
  4. Keep noise low to reduce stress.
  5. Work at a standing desk.
  6. Add plants to your workspace.
  7. Allow people to work from home.
  8. Listen to nature sounds for improved concentration and satisfaction.
  9. Do hard tasks first. Your willpower and energy levels drop as the day progresses.
  10. Avoid checking email too often.
  11. Monotask for better focus.
  12. Play music to be more efficient when doing repetitive tasks.
  13. Doodle to increase recall during note taking.
  14. Look at cute animal pictures during breaks to increase your concentration levels.
  15. Walk during breaks to increase creativity.
  16. Take an afternoon nap for increase  your capacity for learning when you wake up.
  17. Take breaks with co-workers to reduce stress.
  18. Browse the web during your break.
  19. Meditate for two hours each week to reduce stress and increase focus.

Check out the infographic here.

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