why you should eat lunch the right way

2 Simple Reasons Why You Should Eat Lunch The Right Way

Skipping lunch is bad for your mind, bad for your body, and bad for your workplace productivity.

Why Skipping Lunch Is Bad for You and Worse for Business
by Michael Hyatt (@MichaelHyatt)

Tips & Tricks:

Two key reasons why lunch is critical for peak performance throughout the day:

  1. It gives you energy. Of course, the most obvious benefit is removing hunger and the distractions that brings. But having lunch also prevents drowsiness, a lack of focus and fatigue.
  2. It sparks creativity. A change of scenery during lunch breaks, especially natural scenery, invites new ideas and helps in percolating current ones.

How to fix lunch:

  • Take a proper lunch. Get away from the desk and eat outside with your colleagues.
  • Take a walk. Exercise while you eat with a stroll at a park and enjoy the surroundings.

And it goes without saying: don’t overdo lunch as well! Here’s how to overcome an afternoon productivity slump.