3 Remarkable Lessons People Can Learn From Marathoners

Sometimes striving for your goals can feel like running a marathon. But running can provide us with effective tips on how to reach our productivity goals.

The Self-Leadership Secrets of Extreme Athletes
by Michael Hyatt (@MichaelHyatt)

Tips & Tricks:

The Discomfort Advantage

  • Engagement and even happiness come when we’re gunning toward major goals. If staring down the goal makes you feel uneasy, you’re on the right track. Comfort leads to boredom.

Leadership lessons from an ultramarathoner:

  1. Leverage your unique abilities. Focus on what makes you unique. Tilt the playing field to your advantage.
  2. Let passion outrun balance. Balance is desirable, but it’s not the endgame. Finding and achieving your life’s purpose is. Stay fueled by passion for your work.
  3. Celebrate your wins. Take the appropriate time to celebrate when you reach goals: that’s a critical way to honor our work.

Want to regain your passion? Reconnect to your goals.