3 productivity lessons from Einstein

3 Things That Made Einstein A Productive Scientist

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3 Lessons from Einstein’s Productive Life

by Thanh Pham (@thanhtpham)

Key Takeaway:

Einstein was one of the most productive scientists in the world, publishing over 300 articles in his lifetime. He used three simple principles to be productive each day.

Tips & Tricks:

Einstein’s three productivity practices were:

Live in minimalist luxury.

Living with few possessions isn’t enough. You must make sure that the few things you have actually matter and last a long time. Own fewer (but high quality) things. This frees up both your physical and mental spaces.

Keep a daily ritual.

Create order in your life by following a basic schedule. Having a routine reduces strain and stress, which in turn helps you stay anchored when your work gets chaotic and unpredictable.

Focus on the most important thing.

Success is often directly related to the intensity of focus you can give to your tasks. You can use a variety of techniques to improve your focus, from cutting off the internet at certain times to using the Pomodoro technique.

Einstein was famous for one of his rituals, the daily walk. Here’s the reason why Einstein and other famous people took long walks.