4 Distractions At Work And How To Deal With Them

There are two types of distractions and interruptions that derail our productivity – those we can’t control, and those we can. We should proactively deal with the distractions we have control over, and change how we respond to those interruptions we can’t control.

4 Types Of Distractions That Derail Your Productivity
by Chris Bailey (@ALOProductivity)

Tips & Tricks:

The four types of distractions:

  1. Fun and outside your control (like a free lunch date).
    What to do: Enjoy it!
  2. Annoying and outside your control (like loud co-workers)
    What to do: Deal with it immediately and get back to work quickly afterwards.
  3. Fun and inside your control (like watching your favorite vlogger)
    What to do: Turn off notifications. Take care of it during work breaks.
  4. Annoying and inside your control (like writing reports)
    What to do: Schedule work ahead of time.

Don’t think all distractions are bad. Some internet distractions can actually boost productivity.