note-taking tips to boost your reading

4 Note-Taking Tips That Will Boost Your Reading Abilities

It’s important to read non-fiction books, but it is just as important to remember what you read and make productive use out of it.

Reading Comprehension Strategies: How to Retain More of Everything You Read
by James Clear (@james_clear)

Tips & Tricks:

1. Write down notes as you read

This helps with comprehension and also stores any new ideas that come to you as you read. For ebooks, this is easier since you can highlight text on your Kindle or computer and then import these highlights later.

2. Make your notes easy to search

Store them in a text file or write them in ScribblePost, where you’ll be able to easily find and access them across all your devices.

3. When taking notes, connect ideas to ones already in your head

New insights are often found at the intersection of one or more ideas.

4. Summarize the book

Creating a short, one paragraph summary can be a challenge, but a useful one that helps you really grasp the lessons of the book. It also makes the book actionable since you cut to its core ideas that you can use in your life.

Reading is a fact of life for many students, but many still struggle with taking down notes. Here are a few tips on how ScribblePost helps students.