4 Skills You Need When Working Remotely

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How to Work Alone
by Paul Jun (@PaulJun)

Key Takeaway: Working remotely is a relatively new phenomenon, and it requires mastering a few key skills. If you begin to work remotely with only the toolset you have from working in an office, you may run into some trouble.

Tips & Tricks:
The skills you need to work remotely:

  1. Being able to get ‘in the zone’ and stay there. Your work must be challenging enough to keep you engaged but easy enough to prevent frustration.
  2. Killing distractions. Solitude helps you to concentrate and be creative. A couple of tips to kill distractions:
    1. Listen to natural sounds. You can use apps or maybe open the window if you’re in a somewhat quiet neighborhood.
    2. Accept that you’ll sometimes get distracted. Don’t chase an “ideal” work environment, accept what you have.
  3. Know when to finish. Take advantage of your solitude, but set boundaries. For creative types, there’s a danger of working to exhaustion.
  4. Learn where you work best. You might do well in a coffee shop or in your bedroom. The key is experimenting and trying new workspaces until you find what works best for you.

Our Take:
The key to working productively in a remote setting is constantly reflecting on both your short and long term goals. This will allow you to plan and prioritize your time effectively.

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