4 Steps To Staying Focused In A Noisy World

The problem of maintaining focus often comes down to just one word: reactive. To resist distraction, you have to be in control and take steps to be less reactive to the world around you.

This Is How To Resist Distraction: 4 Secrets To Remarkable Focus
by Eric Barker (@bakadesuyo)

Tips & Tricks:

How to maintain focus and control in a noisy world:

  • Make distractions harder to reach. Put phones in the next room. Kill the browser on your laptop if you’re not researching something.
  • Stay calm. Avoid stress so that you don’t react and do stupid things.
  • Think about your goals. Thinking about your long-term goals when you’re tempted by distraction gives your brain a sense of control and can release dopamine which will make you feel better and more motivated.
  • Make a deliberate decision. Pause and take your time when you need to decide on something. This will stop those negative impulses and routines.

Final Tip:

Engage with the world and make yourself immune to boredom. Boredom leads to distractions.

Maybe we’re doing this wrong. How about using distractions to your advantage instead?