how to be productive despite your mood

4 Things That Will Make You Productive Despite Your Mood

If you want to maximize your productivity, you can’t let momentary moods slow you down. If you can’t engage, look for reasons to make yourself engage.

Four Tips to Encourage You to Grab for the Gold Ring: Incentivizing Yourself to Higher Productivity
by Laura Stack (@laurastack)

Tips & Tricks:

1. Gamify your work

Reward yourself for doing the hard things. Give yourself points for important tasks, which you can then trade in for small perks you enjoy. Or promise yourself a one-time treat for completing something crucial.

2. Adopt a mantra

Find a favorite saying to help keep you going, and repeat it when you’re down.

3. One step at at time

Do something easy, even if it’s just a baby step to get you into gear.

4. Make yourself happy

Find ways to boost your happiness and cheer yourself up. Happy people work harder and don’t let obstacles stop them as easily.

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