reduce mental noise and improve focus at work

4 Ways To Reduce Mental Noise And Increase Focus at Work

Offices can be distracting environments—but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t work in them. Instead we should modify our environment to fit our goals.

Why Is The Office Our Least Productive Place?
by Chris Bailey (@ALOProductivity)

Tips & Tricks:

Why is it often unproductive to work in the office?

Because of all the “mental noise” we endure there. You’re surrounded by countless triggers, like coworkers, email, and even bookmarks, which initiate unproductive thoughts and habits.

How to overcome “mental noise”

  1. Clean your office to reduce distractions and increase mental clarity.
  2. List your most productive workspaces and rank them accordingly. This will make it easier to decide which place to do which type of work.
  3. Do recurring, focused work in a specific place. Train yourself to be in the right working mode while you are at that spot.
  4. Give different “jobs” to different devices. Restrict entertainment and interruptive activities on one device and only install work apps on another.

If you work without an office, maybe what you need is motivation. Here’s how to stay motivated while working remotely.