simple tips for better focus

5 Simple Tips For Focusing Better

We are more productive when we act towards our goals moment-by-moment. It’s possible to train your mind to have this focus.

Where Do You See Yourself In 5 Minutes?
by Chris Bailey (@ALOProductivity)

Tips & Tricks:

When it comes to goals, the shorter the time span, the more important having a plan becomes.

Tips for focusing better at work:

1. Eliminate distractions ahead of time

For me, I check email and Facebook before working, knowing full well that I’ve handled all those tiny notifications already.

2. Use timers as a reminder to focus on the task at hand

When the timer goes off, ask yourself: what am I working on? How important is it? It is aligned with my goals?

3. Keep a list of daily intentions nearby

When a new, urgent task or project comes up, reflect on the importance of that new task relative to the intentions you set at the start of the day.

4. List your distractions

Instead of doing them, put them down on a list. Include the reason that triggered each one. This way, you can learn how to overcome them next time.

5. Consider the costs of procrastination

Would you rather “future you” suffer the consequences of not doing the work? Or maybe it’s going to affect other people, which is all the more reason not to procrastinate.

Want more focus? Schedule deep work ahead of time.