6 Techy Sleep Aids That Will Help You Get A Better Night’s Rest

Sleep is one of the most crucial things to ensure optimum productivity. Without enough sleep, people tend to make more mistakes and are more forgetful.

They also get burned out and can’t handle stress as well. For people who want to be as productive as possible, any of those things can hinder their productivity. These devices can help ensure better sleep and being refreshed upon awakening.

Sleep Number Bed With SleepIQ

Great sleep starts with a great mattress. Sleep Number beds are unique in that users can adjust the firmness/softness as well as raise up their head to an ideal height, making sure to get a perfect, personalized sleep.

The new SleepIQ technology means the bed is also a smart bed. It helps track sleep patterns and lets users know just how well they’re sleeping every night. It can also connect with various other health and wellness apps so users can see the impact sleep can have on their life and vice versa

Sleep Time App

This app covers everything sleep related. It tracks movement throughout the night so users can see patterns in their sleep cycle, like how much time is spent in a deep sleep as opposed to a restless, light sleep. It takes this data and learns so it can gently rouse people at a time of light sleep, so they wake up feeling awake and refreshed instead of still groggy.

The app also has a variety of soothing soundscapes to play to help people fall asleep easier. Outside noise and distractions can interfere with sleep, and calming white noise or nature sounds can help block all those out so the focus can be on getting more rest.

Drift Light

With all the technology nowadays, people constantly have harsh blue light burning into their eyes. Between cellphones, tablets and falling asleep with the TV on, it’s hard to escape. This light is harmful to sleep quality. It suppresses melatonin production and keeps brains alert, making it harder to calm down to fall asleep.

The Drift Light is a lightbulb that mimics a sunset, gradually dimming over the course of 37 minutes. This gives a body the measured shift to darkness that it needs to get sleepy and ready for bed. Once the drift light goes on, it’s important to make sure the bedroom is a no-technology zone and to only do relaxing activities to encourage sleep.

Ruggie Alarm Clock

Hitting the snooze too many times in the morning doesn’t help productivity either. It messes with sleep schedules and makes people even groggier. The Ruggie alarm clock makes it so sleepers actually have to get out of bed to make that annoying alarm stop. Standing on the rug is the only way to turn it off, so it forces people to get out of bed and get up on time.


Many sleepers struggle with night sweats or just being too hot at night. The Bedfan is designed to blow air under the sheets so it directly hits sleepers and helps avoid blasting the air conditioner all night. Humans naturally cool down when they sleep, so making sure the environment is cool can help them fall asleep quicker and sleep better, since bodies don’t have to regulate temperature.

Zeeq Smart Pillow

This pillow basically does everything. It tracks sleep and provides analysis. It has wireless music capability and a sleep timer so the music will turn off at a set point. It has snoring and smart alarms: the first gently vibrates when it detects snoring to encourage the sleeper to move their head, and the second gently wakes users up in the morning. Easily accessible memory foam inside means it’s customizable for everyone.

Honestly, this thing can do basically whatever the user wants it to that’s sleep-related.

Any of these gadgets — or a combination of them — can be extremely beneficial to a wonderful night’s sleep and a productive next day.