6 Ways To Be Productive While Under Extreme Stress

Even when you’re operating under extreme stress, there is a strategic approach you can take to help you cope and perform better.

How To Keep Working Productively When You’re Under Extreme Stress
by Gwen Moran (@gwenmoran)

Tips & Tricks:

  1. Identify What You Can Control. Look for the things you can adapt or adjust to regain some of that feeling of order.
  2. Identify The “Must-Dos”. Ask yourself these key questions: Where can I cut back? Where can I save time? What can I put off without much consequence?
  3. Accept “Good Enough”- For Now. It can be tough to do the minimum acceptable job. But that might be what’s necessary to free up time and energy you need for other things to prevent yourself from burnout.
  4. Slow Down. Extreme stress can affect decision-making. Be more intentional about what you’re doing. Gather your facts methodically, and if necessary, take more time to make decisions.
  5. Share Selectively. It’s probably a good idea to tell your boss the basics and share your plan for managing the situation.
  6. Give Yourself A Break. Accept help from other people. Practice good self-care, including getting enough sleep, exercising, and trying to manage your stress.

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