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7 Ways To Be Productive While Using Social Media

When social media becomes obsessive and more important than offline communication, it’s time to snap out of the indulgence. It is possible to use the potential of these networks without allowing them to rule our lives.

How to Use Social Media and Stay Productive
by Rachel Bartee (@rachel5bartee)

Tips & Tricks:

  1. Track the time you spend on social networks. Don’t guess how much time you’re spending; know. Then you can form a plan and be intentional.
  2. Exercise your mind (and your body). Use social media as a way to accomplish your goals. If it inspires you, it can be a positive thing to help you move forward.
  3. Connect with a purpose. Once you get your information fix, close the tab and carry on. Don’t drown yourself in the feed by browsing more and more.
  4. Limit the number of networks. Select one or two you enjoy and see what happens. If you want to leave a social platform altogether, that’s fine!
  5. Connect like you did in the past. The maintenance of your friendships should not be dependent on social media. Real life is always best.
  6. Recognize procrastination and avoid it. Use apps like Strict Workflow and StayFocusd to limit your access to distracting websites.
  7. Establish priorities. Have specific time boundaries in place for how you use social media.

If social media is still a challenge for your, here’s a lazy way to kill this bad habit.