9 Most Productive Methods for Making Work More Manageable

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9 Ways to Break Up Your Work to Stay Focused and Productive
by Sarah Landrum (@SarahLandrum)

Key Takeaway: Breaking down your work makes large projects more manageable and helps you stay focused, motivated and productive throughout the day.

Tips & Tricks:

    1. Create a chain (and don’t break it). Break down a large task into multiple smaller tasks and when you accomplish one, put an X on your calendar. Having a row of X’s motivates you to keep going so that you keep your chain going.
    2. Use the workstation popcorn Split up daily tasks and tackle them at different locations to give your brain a break between them.
    3. Break down the workeach project into four components:
      1. Statement of work. What are you trying to accomplish and how?
      2. What phases do you need to go through to finish the project?
      3. What is the output needed to complete each phase?
      4. What are the specific tasks that need to be done to deliver the output?
    4. Use the Getting Things Done methodology.
      1. Write down ideas and tasks.
      2. Clarify how tasks need to be done.
      3. Prioritize tasks by their importance.
      4. Review your priorities.
      5. Get to work!
    5. Fill in these statements before you start your day. The answers will reveal the importance of each task to you.
      1. I must ___________.
      2. I should __________.
      3. I want to _________.
    6. Know your biological prime time. Work on your most important tasks when your energy is at its peak.
    7. Use the Action Method. For each task, add action steps, a list of information you might need, and whether the step needs to be done now or later.
    8. Try using the 1-3-5 list to prioritize your work. Every day you should complete one big task, three medium tasks, and five small tasks.
    9. Create a personal kanban by putting tasks in sticky notes and placing them into one of three columns, moving each note as needed:
      1. To-Do, for your future work
      2. Doing, for work in progress
      3. Done, for work that’s completed.
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