How To Become More Focused and Productive

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5 Tips to Stay Focused on Your Work
by Shawn Lim

Key Takeaway: If you want to produce outstanding work, there’s no way you can do it without 100% focus. The key to ultimate success is to focus on doing the 20% of work that will yield 80% of your results.

Tips & Tricks:

  1. Use Time Blocking To Become Truly Focused. In your calendar, block off the time for the tasks you need to do. This helps you focus and increases your commitment to follow through on the work. No distraction and no excuses.
  2. Take Breaks Often To Regain Focus. Your focus can only last for so long. Take a 5 minute break after working for 25 minutes, or a 10  minute break after 50 minutes. This helps recharge you for your next batch of work.
  3. Improve Focus Via a Supporting Work Environment. It’s impossible to produce world-class work if the environment isn’t helping you. Change your office and work environment to make it as enticing to work in as possible.
  4. Create Habits To Automatically Focus Daily. Success is all about adopting the right habits to become more productive. Never underestimate the power of building a focused and productive habit.
  5. Schedule Fun Time To Maintain Focus. Make your calendar less stressful by adding some relaxation time. It’s exactly what you need to maintain your motivation and productivity.
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