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The Best Way To Start Your Day: Be Intentional

What is the best way to start your day?

Are you intentional in pursuing your goals? Or do you get carried away by your chores, meetings, and deadlines?

Why You Need To Be Intentional

There are days you might feel that you haven’t accomplished anything. That’s not a bad thing in itself; we all have off days. But if it goes on for a week, you know that there’s something wrong.

Like all things, it’s best to start at the beginning. When you wake up, do you start with a purpose in mind for the day? What do you want to accomplish today?

When you have a clear goal for the day, you’ll find that your mind will focus better and your actions will be more driven and purposeful. The mere fact that you had a plan for the day, no matter how small, makes it easier for your brain to work.

Compare that when you have no clear-cut objectives for the day. You’ll be swept up by whatever priorities someone else gives you. Distractions abound and you end up procrastinating more often. While you might do a lot of work for the day, you’ll still feel you haven’t done anything at all. Not a fun feeling, right?

The Best Way To Start Your Day Is By Being Intentional

You need to be intentional to be productive. This small act will give you the laser focus you need to cut away at your to-do list, roadblocks, and distractions. Here are a few ways you can practice being intentional with your day, taken from the most intent person we know, Sir Richard Branson.

  • Start with a clean slate. Yesterday’s faults and mistakes are its own. You’ve already (hopefully) learned from them already and you’re ready to start with the challenges of today. So start fresh each day. Often a morning routine will help a lot here, whether it’s a bit of exercise, some meditation, or even the simple act of making your bed.
  • Plan ahead. If you really want to reach a goal, you have to plan how to get there instead of taking the zigzagging route. Start from your goal, work backwards and identify what you need to do each day to reach your goal. Write it down to maximize your personal commitment to your goal and its tasks, then put a satisfying checkmark next to it once it’s done.
  • Make each minute count. Breaks and commutes are great times to squeeze in productive habits. While waiting for something, you can review your calendar or create work reminders. During commutes, you can listen to audiobooks. The point is to make sure that each minute counts towards your goals.
  • Have a note-taker handy. Most of us consume vast amounts of information each day, often even before you step into the office. This means your brain can get crammed full of ideas begging to be made real. To “unclog” your brain, have a note- taker handy at all times so you can jot down your ideas for later. You’ll free up your mind to focus on your tasks for the day without discarding what might be your next big thing.
  • Make things fun. Work is serious business, but it should also be seriously fun. Each day, remember out why you love doing the work in the first place. Reward yourself when you do a good job. Enjoy the company of your friends at work.

One famous author said that you should “start with the end in mind“. When you have a clear goal, you’ll have a clear path towards that goal, and clear actions to take to achieve that goal.

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