Bored at Work? Reconnect Your Goals to Work to Get Energized

Why am I bored at work? I’m sure that you’ve asked yourself this at least once this month, maybe even last week or earlier today.

When you think about it, it wasn’t always this way. Work was exciting when you first started, and you always were raring to go when you came to the office. What changed?

You’re Bored at Work Because of a Rewards Mindset

We work because we want to get paid, I don’t deny that. But when you think of work as just a means to get benefits, a salary, and a few other perks, you will start feeling a disconnect with your work.

When you are in a “rewards mindset”, you start measuring yourself based on what you get financially instead of against your personal goals. It dehumanizes the effort you put into your work, which in turn dampens your motivation. In truth, no one wants to be a slave to money.

Reconnect Your Goals to Work to Fight Boredom

I’m not saying you should quit and pursue your passions and hobbies. Quite the opposite, I’m telling you to find your passion in your work instead. Connect your daily work routine to something personal you want to achieve. That is the only way to rekindle your excitement for work.

Here are a few ways you can connect your goals to your work:

  1. Think about who you’re working for. By this, I don’t mean your boss or the company. I’m talking about who benefits from your work and where your salary goes. Is it to pay for that nice new home you want to live in? Is it to save up for your kid’s college or university fund? It’s way more motivating to think about the people who benefit from your salary instead of just thinking about the salary itself.
  2. Think about your big career goals. Today’s tasks might be boring, but they’re still contributing to your career in their own little way. Find a connection between the work you’re doing right now and your career goals. Then when you get into a slump at work, just think of this connection and how excelling in these small tasks build your career.
  3. Think about the company vision. You joined your company because you believe it is worthwhile and improves people’s lives. Does the company vision still ring true with you today? If it doesn’t, maybe you just need to match the company’s goals with your own.

If you’re bored at work, you just need to connect your goals to your work. Make the things you do in the office part of your personal goals and you’ll feel more energized at work.

Another way to fight boredom at work is by pursuing relentless improvement.