Being productive

How to Conquer Writer’s Block and Be More Productive

When you’re trying to write something but can’t come up with what you need, it’s extremely difficult and even discouraging. It can even be difficult to talk about with your friends, since everyone deals with different kinds of writer’s block. They might not be able to relate or help much!

The biggest issue with writer’s block isn’t the struggle of trying to put what you want to say into words. It’s not even coming up with an idea to write about — it’s the feeling of being stuck.

It’ll make you panic and feel like there’s no solution, like you’re stuck in that mindset forever. When you start to recognize writer’s block sneaking up on you, don’t panic.

Instead, try some of these helpful tips to conquer that writer’s block and be more productive than ever.

Break Your Routine

Routine can be great and it can also be your worst enemy. It’s a great thing to carve out time every day to write, but it can also make it feel monotonous.

The first thing you should always try to break through your writer’s block is to switch up your routine. If you write at a desk, write at your kitchen table. Do you prefer to type your stories? Handwrite them instead. Changing your routine even a little bit will jumpstart your brain into action.

Go Somewhere New

Have you ever had that experience where you’re sitting at your computer and trying to write, and when you get up to use the restroom or get a snack, you suddenly get hit with a big idea?

Move around to get the oxygen flowing in your body. Go somewhere new or take a walk around the block. Your mind will be refreshed and you’ll find ideas forming more easily because you exercised. That’s worth at least a quick ten minute jog.

Take Advantage of Technology

Writer’s block can also happen when you have way too much to try to process into one written piece. When you’re an entrepreneur, you’re juggling a lot, so this might be what’s happening for you.

Try to take advantage of technology by using new programs to easily put everything all in one place. You’ll organize your thoughts quickly, be able to access them anywhere and the words will start flowing.

Read about Helpful Services

There’s something about speaking out loud that makes it easier to put thoughts together. Imagine someone asked you to explain what you’re writing about. You’d be able to tell them your idea more easily than trying to finish it and let them read it for themselves.

Take some time to read about helpful speech recognition services. You might be able to find a program that fits with what you’re trying to do and get your work done that much faster.

Look up a Generator

What are you trying to accomplish? Are you writing a creative story, an article or just a draft of something for your business? Maybe you’re trying to think of a character name or a subject to blog about.

Whatever it is, there’s a random generator somewhere on the internet that’ll throw suggestions at you to help you along. Do some research to find a generator that’ll help you with what you’re struggling with.

Writer’s block can leave a heavy sense of dead in your heart once you realize you’re dealing with it. It’s got a scary history of stopping many people from starting or finishing what they want to get done. Don’t let your fear keep you from trying to overcome it!

Try some of these tips to see what works for you, and then get back to doing what you do best—writing about what you’re passionate about.