To Control Your Emotions, You Need To Listen To Them

Our emotions are our natural guidance system and can teach us valuable productivity lessons. Let them shine a light on what you want to change, how you want to act in the future, or what is valuable to you.

How to Manage Your Emotions Without Fighting Them
by Susan David (@SusanDavid_PhD)

Tips & Tricks:

What’s the function of emotions?

  • Our emotions are a signaling system, a way to help us communicate with each other and to better understand ourselves. They can often signal what is more important to us.

How to properly deal with your emotions:

  1. Think about the value behind the emotion. Focus on these deeper values rather than your immediate emotions (which can spur poor decisions).
  2. Think about the long term. Emotions can provide a short-term reward if acted upon immediately but these rewards may not align with your long-term values. Think about your values before doing something.

One way to manage your emotions if by turning anxiety into excitement.