Do More By Living With Limits

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Stop Trying to “Do It All”
by Oliver Burkeman (@oliverburkeman) 

Key Takeaway: Life is a series of trade-offs. The fact is we only have a limited amount of time and energy to spend on work. You need to make the right trade-offs at work to help you focus and increase your productivity.

Tips & Tricks:
Here’s how you can stop yourself from trying to do it all:

  1. Time is not an infinite resource. Spending it properly means thinking hard about what you will work on each day.
  2. Limit your to-do lists to five entries, as discussed in this book. The short list encourages you to focus on the most important things.
  3. List your 25 top career goals, as per Warren Buffet. Choose your top five and avoid the rest like the plague, since they are attractive enough to take up your time, but not important enough to spend time on.
  4. Always think that when you choose to do something, you immediately chose not to do all the other things you want to do.
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