Are Fewer Work Hours The Secret To Better Team Productivity?

Working fewer hours can have a surprisingly positive effect on your team productivity. It gives people more focus and forces important tasks to take top priority.

What Happened When I Moved My Company To A 5-Hour Workday
by Stephan Aarstol (@StephanAarstol)

Tips & Tricks:

How to make working less work:

  • Apply the 80-20 rule. Identify the 20% of activities in your company that contribute 80% of the work. You can then cut the rest while keeping a high level of efficiency.
  • Switch to a production mind-set. A results-oriented work environment is what you need to stop people from comparing time sheets. This works especially well for knowledge workers and creatives. Employees are then rewarded for how productive they are, not how long they’re on the clock.
  • Kill the “always available” attitude. If your office doesn’t need to give 24/7 support, why offer it? You can let those who want to reach you “self-serve” themselves through your website anyway.
  • Use technology to boost efficiency. Automation will be the key to staying productive with shorter hours. Machines can help in production. Logistics partners can help in warehousing. FAQs and tutorials can help in customer service.
  • Don’t restrict yourself to a shorter working week. There are crunch times when it’s unavoidable to stay longer in the office. Don’t hold this against employees if they want to stay longer.

What if someone in your team really wants to do the 9-to-5? Well, just teach them how to switch off from work.