This Four-Letter Word is the (Swedish) Key to Happiness at Work

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This Four-Letter Word is the Swedish Key to Happiness at Work
by Anne Quito (@annequito)

Key Takeaway: For a lot of people, work is most offensive four-letter word in their vocabulary. Change this mindset in your office by teaching people how to switch back and forth between relaxation and focus.

Tips & Tricks:

  1. Add “fika” (break) time to your office schedule. For example, a mini-break in the morning (maybe 10am) and another in the afternoon (around 3-ish).
  2. Use this time to do non-work things and bond with your teammates. This helps you reduce stress and, oddly enough, become more efficient so you can get more work done instead of less.
  3. You can also use this as a safe time to test new ideas with colleagues. It’s an opportunity for relationship-building as well as sharpening your creativity.
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