How To Better Manage Deadlines With Cross-Cultural Teams

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4 Ways to Manage Deadlines on Cross-Cultural Teams
by Elizabeth Grace Saunders (@RealLifeE)

Key Takeaway: Deadlines and timeliness are perceived differently in different cultures. There are strategies you can use to effectively manage cross-cultural teams to avoid miscommunication, frustration, stress, and missed deadlines.

Tips & Tricks:

  1. Assume nothing but good intentions. When you feel frustrated or begin to judge team members from other cultures, stop. Instead, ask questions to better understand your team members’ values and perspectives.
  2. Clarify the time frame. If a task needs to be completed by a hard deadline, explicitly state when you will be expecting it and that you will follow up if you do not receive it at that time.
  3. Add in cultural buffer time. When working with people different cultural perceptions of time or in different time zones, you need to plan accordingly. Putting extra time into your deadlines is always a good idea, no matter the culture. It gives you extra time to follow up before a deliverable is absolutely needed.
  4. Look at the work more frequently. Set up detailed tracking documents with quantifiable steps so you can see the current work status and the path to completion.
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