taking the leap into productivity

How To Get Results By Acting Now And Taking The LEAP

If you want to see a big change in your productivity, you must be willing to take a big LEAP.

How to Leverage the L.E.A.P. Principle for Big Results
by Michael Hyatt (@MichaelHyatt)

Tips & Tricks

According to the Law of Diminishing Intent, the longer you wait to take action, the less likely you will be to take it.

To counteract this, use the LEAP Principle to take decisive action:

1. Lean into the change. Something will trigger you to change. Lean into it to strengthen your follow through.

2. Engage with the change feeling. Work with it until you’ve got a sense of what to do.

3. Activate and do something. Stop waiting to have all the information; you only need enough to take the next step.

4. Pounce and do it now. Waiting feels safe, but waiting kills dreams.

Ready to take action? Here’s a 4 step plan to get you going.