How To Help Your Team Get Better At Execution

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4 Ways to Be More Effective at Execution
by Jack Zenger (@jhzenger) and Joseph Folkman (@joefolkman)

Key Takeaway: Executing is the ability to achieve goals and objectives. There’s almost a one-to-one relationship between leaders who are seen as fast, and those who are seen as great executors. You can improve how well you and your team execute without working longer hours.

Tips & Tricks:
Here are four behaviors to improve your team’s ability to execute:

  1. Be clear and methodical. Plan ahead and organize people and resources before taking action.
  2. Set stretch goals and deadlines. This increases engagement in your team by setting a challenge for them. Involve your team in this goal-setting process.
  3. Give more feedback, especially more positive feedback. To encourage engagement, you need to motivate your team. Specifically, you need to give positive feedback and tell your team what they are doing right, not just what they should be doing right.
  4. Resolve conflict and build team unity. Encourage a team culture where members encourage and support each other. This builds trust. Any conflict should be constructive and resolved, not destructive or personal and left to fester.

One additional behavior you need for success if you feel you and your team already have these four: be transparent and regularly communicate with bosses and peers about the progress of your team’s projects.

Our Take:
As a leader, another way of thinking about these behaviors is to always be present for your team. Give them your support, including your time, effort, skills and experience. As a leader, you are crucial in building and maintaining the positive culture needed for your team to execute well.

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