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How To Improve Your Productivity With Context Lists

If you’re using a “Getting Things Done” (GTD) system, lists are powerful tools in helping you clarify the context of your work. This context is crucial to maximizing your productivity.

Getting Started With Context Lists
by Julie Ireland

Tips & Tricks:

A context list is simply a list of actions you can do in a certain situation, location, or time. You can also use this technique outside of the GTD system to make your to-do lists smarter.

Basic context lists you can use:

  • Agenda. Things you need to discuss with particular people like your spouse or boss.
  • Errands. Actions you can do while outside your home or office.
  • At Home. Tasks you can do at home.
  • At Work, Waiting For. Things you are waiting for from others.
  • Someday/Maybe. Possible future actions you can take.

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