productivity benefits of regular exercise

How To Reap The Productivity Benefits of Regular Exercise

Exercise has a clear impact on your productivity. If you’re serious about finding the extra edge and accomplishing more, it’s time to stop pretending exercise is just for the athletic-types.


How to Increase Your Productivity by 21% with Exercise
by Stephen Roe (@StephenRoe)

Tips & Tricks:

What’s the best type of exercise?

Research shows that less active exercise provides the greatest productivity benefits.

  1. Low-intensity exercise reduces symptoms of fatigue better than a high-intensity workout.
  2. Yoga, golf or dancing are good exercises to start with.
  3. Walking is also good. It provides many health benefits, doesn’t need special equipment, and will fit into any spare block of time.

What time should I exercise?

You’ll be most productive with a longer workout in the morning and brief exercise during the day to lift your mood.

How long should I exercise?

You should exercise 30 minutes each day. At the very least, one weekly 10-minute workout is better than nothing.

The trick to adding exercise into your schedule:

  1. Start small. It’s better to walk 30 seconds and have a habit you can increase a month later than to set a goal of 30 minutes and never reach it.
  2. Have fun. Choose an exercise you like. Find an app that makes it a game, or reward yourself. Work out with a friend.
  3. Overcome barriers. Don’t worry about equipment, nutrition, or tracking data. Extra work kills new habits fast.
  4. Schedule it. If you follow the same routine each morning (and you should), you can exercise every day as part of your routine.

Exercise is both healthy and productive. You know what else is healthy and productive? Resetting your caffeine intake.