The Lazy Way To Kill Bad Habits

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This Is The Lazy Way To Kill Bad Habits: 8 Secrets From Research
by Eric Barker (@bakadesuyo)

Key Takeaway: Research shows that 40% of what you do each day isn’t a decision. Our actions are based on both good and bad habits. We all want to remove our bad habits but doing so seems like a monumental task for many. The good news is that there are effective and scientifically proven ways to eliminate bad habits.

Tips & Tricks:
To eliminate bad habits:

  1. Focus on fixing one thing at a time. It’s easier to kill a habit if you’re not trying to overhaul your entire life.
  2. Instead of trying to eliminate a bad habit immediately, start with reducing how often you do it. For example, limit the number of times you check Facebook each hour. This makes you feel in control of the habit instead of the other way around.
  3. Make your bad habit 20 seconds harder to begin. That small amount of time is often enough to discourage you from your bad habit.
  4. Take the pressure off. Bad habits tend to creep up on you during stressful times since they hijack your decision-making processes.
  5. Find a replacement for the bad habit. When a trigger for your habit occurs, replace your response with something else that gives a different but still enjoyable reward.
  6. Use “If-then” planning to short circuit the bad habit. Decide in advance what you will do when your habit’s trigger occurs so you’ll do something else. Example: If I feel bored, then I’ll check my calendar (instead of going on Facebook).
  7. Treat failure as a temporary set-back instead of a catastrophe. Forgive yourself and move on.
  8. Surround yourself with people you want to be like.
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