How To Lead Meetings (Instead Of Just Running Them)

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Do You Run Meetings or Lead Them?
by Wayne Turmel (@leadingremotely)

Key Takeaway: There is a difference between running and leading a meeting. Learn the difference between the two if you want to have productive and successful meetings that yield real results.

Tips & Tricks:
What makes meeting leaders different from meeting runners?

Meeting Runners Meeting Leaders
Schedule meetings. In addition to scheduling, meeting leaders ensure participants are effectively prepared by communicating objectives, participant roles and desired outcomes prior to the meeting.
Often start meetings with trivial administrative matters. Start meetings on time, set ground rules and expectations and hold people accountable.
Open the floor for discussion for people who want to contribute. Encourage everyone to contribute, even quieter people.
Use  minimal technology to ‘keep things simple’. Utilize the best tools to achieve results.
Recap action points. Document the action points and get true commitment from everyone involved.
End meetings on time. Follow up the meeting by providing everyone with the information and accountabilities.
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