tracking your success

Make Better Habits By Tracking Your Success

No matter how sophisticated your strategies to rid yourself of bad habits and create good ones to boost your productivity, you’re less likely to succeed if you don’t track and review your progress frequently.

Break Bad Habits with a Simple Checklist
by Sabina Nawaz (@sabinanawaz)

Tips & Tricks:

How to improve your habits:

1. Create a few measurable goals

Turn the goal into actions that you can do each day.

2. Start with small actions

When you’re becoming successful with those, that’s when you can expand to more complex actions.

3. Track your actions daily

Create a “yes/no list”. At the end of the day, put a “yes” beside each action you completed. Place “no” otherwise. This should take no more than a couple of minutes to maintain. Set a reminder so you don’t forget to log your actions.

4. Make sure you’ll see your tracker regularly

Make it your home screen, keep it open on your computer, or pin a written list in front of your work area. This both acts as a reminder and a motivator since you can see your progress.

5. Review your habits

After a week or so, check which of your habits needs adjustment. You might discover patterns that were previously hidden due to your daily responsibilities.

6. Add more habits

Once you find success, challenge yourself by taking the next step. Increase the productive actions you take to reach your goals faster.

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