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How To Manage Projects With GTD

Project management is a very easy and powerful component of the “getting things done” (GTD) philosophy.

Project Management with GTD
by Francisco Sáez (@franciscojsaez)

Tips & Tricks:

What is a project in GTD terms?

  • A project is anything that needs more than one action for its achievement.

How does GTD make project management easier?

  • The focus is on the next project steps that need to be done, rather than excessive planning from start to finish.
  • It is simple because you don’t need to manage all project possibilities, including those that might not even happen.

How to plan a project using GTD:

  1. Create a Projects List.
  2. Define the first action and write down the new project in the Projects List.
  3. Review your list often through a Weekly Review to make sure it’s complete and all next actions are defined.
  4. Relax! Let your system handle your productivity, since it will remind you to work when you need to.

And if there’s one thing you should learn from GTD, it should be to stop micromanaging.