Mastering the Rule of 168

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Billionaires Master the Rule of 168: Life’s Great Equalizer
by Bill Carmody (@BillCarmody)

Key Takeaway: Time is the great equalizer of life. We each get 168 hours a week. What separates the ultra successful from the mildly so is what each of us does with this number of hours. The happiest, most successful people not only understand the power of leverage, but they also understand that time is the most precious commodity.

Tips & Tricks:

  • Stop allowing an un-prioritized, overwhelming to-do list to control your life. Long lists of unprioritized tasks become a source of procrastination, stress, and something to avoid at all costs.
  • Plan. Divide your 168 hours into your distinct roles, remembering to allow 6-8 hours for sleep each night. Decide how you will maximize the outcomes you want with the time you have available.
  • Track your hours. Understand where your time is going. A log will help you to prioritize.
  • Use resources. There are time management tools available to help you make sense of your priorities and assign them to specific time slots during the day.
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