putting things off

How To Overcome Putting Things Off

Research suggests that we put things off for a very simple reason: the delay makes us feel better in the short term. But there is a cost. Chronically putting things off can lead to depression, low self-esteem, and may even contribute to physical illness.

Can’t Get Started? Can’t Catch Up?
by Diane Barth (@fdbarthlcsw)

Tips & Tricks:

  1. Set your goal. Write your goal down. Be careful to avoid vagueness, so make your goal as clear as possible.
  2. Review your goal. To counteract the inertia that goes along with being overwhelmed, focus on just one single goal.
  3. Start small. Break your tasks down into smaller goals in order to make them more manageable.
  4. Reward yourself for accomplishing the small tasks. You need positive feedback and to give yourself some affirmation that you can do the work.
  5. When you slide backwards (and you will!) start over again. Figure out what is interfering with you getting started. Look for both mental and physical barriers.
  6. Talk with someone. Being responsible to another person can help, especially if that person focuses you on the first four steps.

Are deadlines making you put things off? Try using startlines instead.