How To Prevent Getting “Bored Out”

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Are you Burned Out or Bored Out?
by Steve Blakeman (@blakiesing)

Key Takeaway: If you find yourself getting ‘bored out’ – feeling more useless and tired at work from doing unchallenging work – here’s the remedy: focus on ‘relentless improvement’.

Tips & Tricks:
Ask yourself these three questions:

  1. Am I doing my job on autopilot?
  2. Am I learning anything new in my job?
  3. Am I feeling useless at my job?

If you answered yes/no/yes to those 3 questions, you might be close to getting ‘bored out’. To beat it, focus on ‘relentless improvement’:

  1. Identify one thing that you want to improve tomorrow. The key here is having a singular goal for maximum focus, and doing it tomorrow to get immediate feedback.
  2. Focus on a specific task you can do to improve that ‘one thing’. Be as specific as you can, since it helps you focus on ‘doing’ rather than ‘thinking’. Make sure that the outcome is something you can easily measure.
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