The Right Way to Set and Pursue Goals

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Why Going Goal-Mad Hurts Productivity and Morale
by Garry Bradford (@Unique_HR)

Key Takeaway: Goal setting helps to build teams focused on excellence. Integrating goal setting and goal achievement into your team’s work habits requires an understanding of both the goal-setting process and the situations where goals are best used.

Tips & Tricks:
Some practices to follow when setting and pursuing goals:

  1. Tailor goals to individuals or teams, not versus what others are doing.
  2. Learn from failure but don’t focus on the consequences.
  3. Avoid using arbitrary deadlines.
  4. Don’t set too many goals at once and use stretch goals sparingly.

5 steps to increase your team’s chances of achieving a goal.

  1. Plan for it. Create a step-by-step process to get to the end.
  2. Log it. You can’t improve what you don’t measure.
  3. Declare it. Public accountability is a strong motivation to see things through.
  4. Think about it. Anticipate goal outcomes that are realistic and achievable.
  5. Get rewarded for it. Small rewards provide continuous self-motivation.

A final tip: focus on the process of pursuing your goals, not on the outcome of those goals.

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