5 Ways ScribblePost Helps Students

Danielle Wiklund offers her first-hand account of using ScribblePost as a student. Danielle is an accounting major at Robert Morris University. She love’s to write and is determined to change the world for the better.

College. It is one of the best and worst times of your life. You will love the independence and freedom. However, the stress and homework can be overwhelming. This is when ScribblePost comes to the rescue! This innovative software is designed to help individuals with their productivity. In fact, it has helped me with my extremely hectic college life. Here is how ScribblePost can be useful to students in effectively managing their tasks and time:

1. Make Collaborating Simple 

If you are working on a group project, touching base with your group members is easier with ScribblePost. This productivity tool can streamline group work because you can send emails and attachments to anyone, even if they don’t use ScribblePost. You can write reminders in the email when a particular task is due. For example, you are emailing a classmate, Joe, that you two must work on Powerpoint slides 1-4 before next week. By inserting a deadline in the email, it will remind you of the task and associate it with related information.

2. Capture Data Quickly

It is an easy, fast way to capture data. For instance, you need to complete a Sociology paper in three weeks. You can set deadlines for each step of the writing process. In addition, you can include lectures and research from your professor. When it comes to gathering all of the information for your paper, everything is in one place. If you did not have ScribblePost, it may take you minutes or hours to compile the same data.

3. Find What You Need Easily by Searching

Going back to the Sociology paper example, ScribblePost is a great place for searching. If you hashtagged #Sociology on your deadlines and notes, everything Sociology related will pop up. You can also find emails and other tasks by typing in a keyword in the search bar.

4. Write useful Notes

Note-taking on ScribblePost is really easy. All you need to do is to hit the notepad icon, and you can start to jot down notes. This is one of ScribblePost’s most prized features because they modeled their product off of the way people naturally scribble notes on paper. You can add tasks and hashtags to your notes as you type, so your notes become useful and easy to find.

5. Get Handy Reminders

This is the main reason why I use this awesome tool. Before, I had a messy, big agenda where I would write all of my assignments. There was a point when I did not get anything done since I was overwhelmed. ScribblePost sends useful reminders when tasks are due so you know what needs to get done each day.

ScribblePost has helped and enhanced my productivity with its simple user interface. Before each day, I will list all of the tasks I want to accomplish in a timely manner. Throughout the day, I will look at my virtual agenda and check off the things I completed. Even if I do not look at it, they will send me an email reminder of what I have to do. If I have not completed my assignments, an overdue tag will appear. This makes me even more motivated to get the job done.

ScribblePost can help college students in various ways with collaboration, productivity, and data. If you want your life to be simpler, please check out ScribblePost, it will truly change your life!