The Secrets To Starting a Productive Week

A weekly preview can be one of the most productive things you do each week. It can be the difference between a smooth and stress-free week, and one that goes off-the-rails and leaves you exhausted.

10 Things to Do Before You Begin Your Week
by Craig Jarrow (@TMNinja)

Tips & Tricks:

  1. Check Your List. Know what you need to do and prioritize your tasks. Avoid being busy with menial to-dos.
  2. Review Your Calendar. Make sure that you block time for your projects and priorities. Confirm appointments and resolve any conflicts before they cause issues.
  3. Clean Up Last Week. Carry forward any undone to-dos. Uncover actions needed for this week.
  4. Do that Important Task. Always do your most important task first.
  5. Get Enough Rest. Get enough rest before you begin your week, or you will be dragging your heels from the outset.
  6. Pack Your Gear. Make sure you pack your important items before heading out the door. Better yet, pack them the night before.
  7. Get Email Working for You. Send off emails before the week begins to get tasks in motion.
  8. Confirm Appointments. Always confirm your appointments in advance.
  9. Delegate Tasks. Get tasks delegated to the appropriate people before the week begins, to avoid being the cause of a bottleneck.
  10. Review Your Goals. Make sure you are making conscious choices about your actions and where they will take you.

These are just a few good habits to start a productive week. Here are our best articles for building productive habits.