the best way to manage email

The Best Way To Manage Email: Handle It Faster

For better productivity, be quick, decisive, and action-oriented when it comes to your inbox.

7 Tips to Increase Your Email Speed
by Craig Jarrow (@TMNinja)

Tips & Tricks:

Here’s the best way to manage email faster:

1. Don’t keep email in your inbox

Once you read emails, do something with them.

2. Act on each email ASAP

Don’t just do something, do it immediately. Reply, archive or delete it after reading. If you don’t have time to do those, it’s better to visit your inbox later.

3. Resist clicking links

Stay in your inbox so you can clean it up quickly. You don’t want to dive into the browser rabbit hole.

4. Don’t reply to every email

Most don’t need a response. If you do respond unnecessarily, you might find even more email flooding back to you.

5. Be decisive

Make a clear choice and move on to your next email. Email is not the place to waffle, especially if the issue isn’t that important anyway.

6. Turn emails into to-do’s

If an email needs further processing, add it to your to-do list and then archive it. Don’t use your inbox as your to-do list.

Note: the easiest way to turn emails into to-do’s is with ScribblePost’s unique email processing.

7. Stop email ping pong

Emails should be quick and short threads. If they go on too long, it might be time to see the sender or call them up to resolve any issues immediately.

Done with your emails? Next task on the list: improving your company’s email culture.