stop micromanaging

Why You Should Trust Your System And Stop Micromanaging

As your business or career grows, learn to trust your personal productivity system and stop micromanaging. Otherwise, you might just limit your ability to create at a higher level.

Are You Micromanaging Your Mind?
by David Allen (@gtdg)

Tips & Tricks:

How can you start trusting your productivity system?

  • Build trust through optimism. Changing your outlook from the distrustful negative to a hopeful positive might not come easy but it does work.
  • Work in the system. The more you use your system, the more you will trust it to work as it should. Just don’t forget the bigger picture so you can let go.
  • Let it handle everything for you. The more you give it, the more you will see its value, and the more trust you’ll place in it. Add everything to it from meetings, to next steps, to reminders.

Trust in your system and let go. One way of doing this is through “intentional ignorance“.