how to use Facebook and stay productive

The Best Way To Use Facebook And Stay Productive

Facebook might be a huge distraction for most, but there are still a few ways to stay productive without abandoning the ubiquitous social network. You can do this by becoming a Facebook “phreak”.

Facebook Phreaks and the Fight to Reclaim Time and Attention
by Cal Newport (@StudyHacksBlog)

Tips & Tricks

Productive ways to use Facebook:

  1. Participating in high-quality Facebook groups.
  2. Communicating with family and friends who mainly use Facebook.
  3. Marketing your products and services.

How to become a Facebook phreak:

  • Uninstall the Facebook app on your phone so you aren’t constantly distracted.
  • Cull your news feed. Unfollow or even unfriend people that share distractions. Unlike pages that do the same.
  • If browsing Facebook on your computer, install a custom add-on that can block the feed altogether.
  • Use Facebook apps that cater to your specific needs for the platform. Instead of the Facebook app, you can install Messenger, Facebook Groups, and Facebook Pages.
  • Delegate your Facebook marketing to someone else to avoid getting sucked in altogether.

Yesterday’s phreaks are today’s “hackers”. Here’s how you can hack your day for maximum efficiency.