deep work

Schedule Deep Work Ahead Of Time For More Focus

Adding regular deep work into your routine, 4 – 7 consecutive hours of focused activity on a project, will do wonders for your productivity. But to really get into the habit of deep work, you must also practice deep scheduling.

From Deep Tallies to Deep Schedules: A Recent Change To My Deep Work Habits
by Cal Newport (@StudyHacksBlog)

Tips & Tricks:

A couple of ways to make sure you do deep work each week:

  1. Keep a “deep tally” of the number of hours of focused work you do. A continuous tally adds a sense of satisfaction and a small number motivates a more intense commitment to finding time to focus.
  2. Do some “deep scheduling” and book a meeting with yourself to do deep work. The best way to do so is creating calendar meetings a month in advance to ensure your deep work isn’t overridden by other appointments.

If you’re doing deep work already, consider taking deep breaks as well.